where are you sending your internal editor?

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Last year I sent my internal editor to a spa. She hung out with Heather's internal editor, smoking and drinking, and had way too much fun.

This year I'm thinking of having her bound and gagged in a corner.

What are you doing with your internal editor in November to keep her quiet?

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Time to move this thread back up top. Keeping the Internal Editor out of your hair is vital to NaNoWriMo success!

My Internal Editor and I have been working very closely together in this past year, so Ive gotten to know her a lot better. And, one of the things I discovered is that my Internal Editor is a woman like me. But, unlike me, shes the woman who always dresses perfectly, whose suits are tailored and who has a closet full of Manolo Blahniks. Her hair is never out of place, and her lipstick is that perfect shade of coral. Even her reading glasses look good on herand theyd better since she needs them to destroy all those extra commas that creep in when Im not looking.
Ive come to love her, but at the same time realize that I could never be perfect like she is.

Anyway, I have a plan.

Im going to tell her that her, that with all the work weve been doing, shes been neglecting her wardrobe, and that shes starting to look like a frumpy writer lady. Thatll get her.

I expect it will easily take her a month to regain her composure as she scours Vogue and Elle to catch up with the latest styles, and sends her outdated shoes and pencil skirts off to the Salvation Army. Shell probably book a few days at the spa to exfoliate her flawless skin, and maybe even get a Botox or two, and then its off to Gucci and Chanel and all the other stores with only five overpriced items of clothing that no one but an imaginary workaholic or the destitute babe featured in '50 Shades of Grey' can afford. Comma execution doesnt pay all that well in the real world! She might even have to relent and spend some time at the gym to tone that shapely physique, because it simply wouldnt do for an Internal Editor of her caliber to be seen with cellulite on her thighs.

I imagine by December shell be back in all her intimidating finery, and we can get back to work on revision, but in the meantime I have a word count to make. :)

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I keep my internal editor busy with all the stuff I can't do because I'm writing. Unfortunately he comes out in my sleep causing me to revised (but not delete) scenes the next day.

Ho, hum.

It least it's better than having him standing over my shoulder all the time.

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I'm running a game that is heavy on collaborative writing. I told my internal editor that she can have free reign over there. So while she is obsessing over details in the game, that will keep her out of my hair for the month while I work on my "real" writing.

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