Write Ins? Orland/Tinley Park or Morris/Yorkville areas?

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Does anyone know of any Write-Ins happening in these areas?

Or would anyone be interested in arranging any meet ups at a Starbucks or the like in those areas?

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It's a bit of a drive, but there will be write-ins at the Caribou in downtown Downers Grove on Mondays at 6pm. That one would be closer than the Naperville ones.

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I'm currently living in Missouri, but my mom lives in Homer Glen and I'll be up there at least twice. I'll be around next weekend and the long Thanksgiving weekend. I'd love to meet up in Orland. Maybe the Starbucks on LaGrange and 143rd? Or the Panera near it (that's my favorite writing spot)?

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I would be able to do Yorkville, as I work there do it'd be convenient to come right after work. C:

Basil Cliffside
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I'm pretty close to Yorkville and Morris. Both would be awesome. Naperville is a bit of a drive for me too, unfortunately.

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I live in Sandwich and think a Yorkville write in would be great! There's a Panera off Rt 47 which should have some space where we could gather. What day would be good?

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I live in Homer Glen! Perhaps we can get some people to meet up?

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eauderose wrote:
I live in Homer Glen! Perhaps we can get some people to meet up?

That would be great. TypsetJez and I are currently working on planning one for Black Friday evening in Orland. We don't have a time set yet.

Wednesday nights would be ideal for me in Orland but I can probably make some other nights work too. What would work for you?

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