Condolences to Katherine

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I have some sad news to share. Laura Logan, the sister of Katherine (my co-ML KatherineWriting), passed away Monday after a long battle with cancer.

We extend our condolences to Katherine and her family, and we will keep them in our prayers.


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:( I'm so sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Katherine. If there's anything you need, you've got a huge, supportive community out here willing to do whatever needs to be done.

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I'm sorry to hear of the loss to you and your family. You are in my prayers.

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Thank you. I wrote two poems about my sister and posted them on my blog if anyone is interested.

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Katherine, I'm so sorry to hear it. :( *hug*

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Katherine - So sorry about your loss. Thank you for sharing the beautiful poems.

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Those are beautiful poems, Katherine. Thank you for sharing them with us.


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My prayers go out to Kathrine and her family.

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During shiva for my sister last night, we asked people to tell stories about sisters. Rachel told about her sister teaching her to color when she was little--with all the lines the same way and how smooth that made it. In college, Rachel and some friends were coloring in posters. One of them colored with circles, and said proudly that was how HER sister had taught her. Rachel was very funny as she recalled saying, "No. MY sister taught me ..." And back and forth. They appealed to a third friend for who was right. The friend looked at them as if they were both crazy.

Do you have a story about sisters to share?
I'm pretty sure a few stories about mine are going to make it into my novel this year, but if people want to share them here, I really like hearing stories about sisters.

One of my favorite is my mother's. She always wanted a sister (she had a brother), and when she married my father, she was thrilled because she got four instant sisters.

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I have several stories, the first of which can only be told by this video.

When I'm not supposed to be focusing on planning my NaNo, I'll post some more. :)

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Here is a story of my older sister:
When I was in kindergarten, my sister (1.5 years older and one grade above me) and I were in the hallway putting on our jackets to go out to recess. I had a little difficulty with my jacket and a girl came over to help me with it. My sister was jealous and pushed the girl away and helped me with the jacket. It was at that moment that I realized how much my sister cared about me :-)

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The poems are lovely, Katherine.

I'm very sorry to hear such sad news. I hope your memories of her are a comfort to you and your family.

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Deepest sympathies. Cancer sucks :(

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My deepest condolences Katherine.

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