What are you using this year to write with/on?

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50564 words so far Winner!

Just curious what folks are using for their NaNo'ing.

I use vim or gvim for most of my writing and editing, with the text files saved with version control using subversion. This lets me use the unix wc to count words.

For planning, I'm relying on XMind with mind mapping.

Hardware-wise, I am using my old Lenovo t61p running ubuntu.

Post-NaNo, I'll probably use LibreOffice for the formatting of the book.

What are you using?

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Scrivner unless it slows me down. It has a compile option so I can always just go back to Open Office, but I've set up my icons to include a back-up option and a stats, so I can get word count quickly.

I've been using it for my outlines, and it does have a place for characters, and research and other stuff that can be useful to have easily accessible.

3388 words so far

I think I'll do most if not all my planning and writing in Word 2010. I especially like that it keeps track of my word count for me in the bottom left corner so its out of the way and yet easy to glance at.

50564 words so far Winner!

Do we have any Q10 users? See this enthusiastic endorsement of the Q10 full screen "speed writing" app (freeware for Windows). Writemonkey is another Windows application in the same vein. Other alternatives include Darkroom, Focuswriter, and Typewriter.

I've heard some people like these no-frills, distraction-free editors (alas, they don't have vi-key mappings and are modeless editors).

2104 words so far

Pages on my iPad, super portable although a little slower. Word on my laptop when i'm at home.

50564 words so far Winner!

Do you use a physical keyboard on your ipad? or just type on the ipad?

2104 words so far

I just type on my iPad. my hands are small enough that it works ok, except for the c key. I always miss the c key...

52359 words so far Winner!

I use an offline writing app called 'WriteSpace' since I'm on a Google Chromebook. There's wi-fi at the write-ins, of course, but WriteSpace is also good for keeping distractions out. I know if I'm writing in Google Docs I'll be glancing over at other internet tabs I have open. Plus, WriteSpace doesn't lag as much as Docs does for me.

50564 words so far Winner!

WriteSpace (requires Chrome)

50655 words so far Winner!

I'll be using Scrivner to outline and at any write-ins that I attend. At home I'll be using one of my typewriters - as always I'm part of the Typewriter Brigade, which can be found in the forums under NaNo Tech. Come join us! ;u)


50257 words so far Winner!

I was actually just reviewing my options last weekend, based on programs I already have, and I think I'm going with yWriter5 (for Windows only). It's worked well for me in the past in regards to the planning, plotting and outlining, making it easier for me to just write. The timeline feature really helped me keep track of when I was in my story. And it's also free -- a huge bonus :-)

I've also tried PageFour (good for notes and actual writing but not filled with the detailed planning help of yWriter5) and have looked at Scrivener (I don't know, just wasn't all that thrilled with it).

While there may be some handwritten or iPhone written bits and pieces, most if not all of the planning and writing will be done on my newish Toshiba laptop (bought since last years NaNoWriMo).

0 words so far

Although I use Scrivener and MS Word, a fun and free workspace (free basic version, no need to ever pay for the upgrade unless one wants to) is Ommwriter. Nifty icon, too.

Ambient sound (which can be turned off), but a few neat typewriter sounds (wordrebel might enjoy it) on a distraction-free background. It's for PC or Mac.

Ommmm. Ommmm . (headstand in upside-down lotus position) Ommmm.

50257 words so far Winner!

Adding: I also like to use Evernote during research as it's easy to save not only URLs but entire articles or webpages, photos and other images, and my own notes, and then they're available on any device I have Evernote installed on. So I can do a search on my phone, save results to Evernote, sync, and then have them ready for referencing when I'm on my laptop.

43634 words so far

LOL, I'm using one of my many legal pads and Microsoft Word. ;) Old school. (Well, kinda. Minus the Microsoft Word.)

50564 words so far Winner!

hrashid24 wrote:
LOL, I'm using one of my many legal pads and Microsoft Word. ;) Old school. (Well, kinda. Minus the Microsoft Word.)

Hm... Legal pad--isn't that a longer page than a normal letter sized pad? I think that would be intimidating if I were writing because you'd have to write more to finish a page ;-)

64619 words so far Winner!

I have always written in Word in the past but this year I am using Scrivener. I am adding to my NaNo novel from my first year and I reverse outlined that draft and put it in chapters and scenes in Scrivener. Now am busy adding chapters and scenes into the Scrivener outline to fill in areas that are lacking and add in new storylines and ideas so I will hopefully be all set to write come November 1st.

151179 words so far Winner!

Scrivener is mine this year, so I'll be using that. But nothing beats Q10.

How else can you plow along through a chapter other than to the soothing accompaniment of typewriter clicks, the satisfying "ding!" of a new carriage return? Dialogue FLIES by.

12248 words so far

Totally new for me -- finally succumbed to the siren song of a MacBook, after 15 years of PCs. And with that, I splurged on Scrivener, so I'm using that to generously outline, write, research, etc.

My last few years, I have failed miserably. Have to go back to 2005 for a win (and I had infants at the time), but I'm hoping this is the year to regain my nano mojo.

(I do like Q10 for word wars, though)

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