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201228 words so far Winner!

If you don't like to talk about your story idea, then don't.

Placing a vulnerable piece of work in the spot light can sap the energy away. Instead of writing more, the author defends what is written. It's important to encourage growth when building a story idea, not uproot it. Sometimes that is best done by keeping quiet. It's usually safe to say what type of story you're writing: fantasy, mainstream, science fiction, romance, literary, etc. Or what Point of View you're using--first, third person limited, etc, or even how many Point of View Characters. But you don't have to share anything. If someone asks, you can say, "I'll be happy to talk about what I did in December, but for now I'd rather not talk about it since I want to save my energy for writing it."

Another aspect of sharing too early is that if you've verbally told the main plot points and character arcs before you've written a word of it, when it comes time to write, you may find you lack energy. You've already told the story, or at least the highlights. You've gotten people's reactions. Writing all those words can seem like a waste of time.

So, guard your words. Use them to create a great outline. Or let them build within you until November 1st when they can burst forth.

201228 words so far Winner!

Note, I never said we don't talk about our plans, I said that some people prefer not to talk about their story ideas.
It's good to tell people that you're planning on writing a novel in 30 days. It can help you follow through. (It can also make it easier when people don't expect you to socialize much in November.)

By not talking, I mean, talking about story ideas.

If I tell people about a great little twist that I'm going to have, when it's time to actually write that great little twist, the more people I've already told, the less fun it is to write it down.

Now, if you're stuck and want other people's ideas, that's a different thing. But if you can picture a scene in your head and can't wait to write it down, don't tell anyone about it until after you've written it. Save the energy within the idea for the writing and the writing will be easier.

That's my two cents.

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