Editing This Year's NaNo-book

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201228 words so far Winner!

I'm thinking of plunging into one of my novels. Has anyone else started making changes to this year's book? (Who wasn't still writing it?)

I admit that I feel a little trepidation. As long as I don't look at it, I can (mis)remember it as having all these brilliant insights. Still, maybe it's time to run my list of 'bad words' against it and delete all of my:
just, really, Hopefully, But, And and a few dozen other words that I tend to overuse.

But then I'd have to do something about those 'shrugged' and I'm not sure I'm ready to face that.

I've been busy puttering around with an almost completed novel, so going to a first draft is going to be a shock, I fear.
Oh well, I'm sure I can get through 10 pages twice today. And a start on deleting the words from my 'bad words' list.

50230 words so far Winner!

I'm hoping to start revisions tonight or tomorrow. I'm scared. Any suggestions for relaxing?

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