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201228 words so far Winner!

Are you proud about something from the last month? You should be. Here's a chance to state it.

I am proud that I didn't go back on my pledge to stop at 201K if I was done with my two first drafts despite not being in the top slot for the 18K challenge. Chart is here. Two people, mochomito and RobinM, beat me in the Nanobotchallenge.

It gives me hope that next year I will actually make a more reasonable goal for November writing, despite NaNoWriMo really tapping into my competitive nature.

78478 words so far Winner!

Oh, this one's easy.

I'm most proud that I worked up the nerve to post not just one, not two, but THREE excerpts of my NaNo first draft in the NaNoWriMo queue at Critique Circle (not to mention the massive excerpt on my profile here ...) I'm the shyest writer ever, just ask Katherine, so posting anything, especially something I haven't pored over for weeks, and rewritten countless times and countless ways, is huge for me.

It might have helped that I sent my Inner Editor away this month, but now that she's back, I hope some of the positive responses I got help me to keep posting stuff at this rate. :)

Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall. ~Ray Bradbury

56476 words so far Winner!

I think my proudest moment is that my priest character, when speaking in metaphor, actually made sense and made my husband go, "Woah, that's cool." when I described the conversation to him. Knowing that something just WORKED like that and made sense to someone other than the world builder (me) makes me immensely proud.

I'm also proud that I completed my 50k in an effective 15 days of writing. I completed my 18k as well. I had passed the 10k mark with flying colors after only three days.

I'm proud that I think I have the framework of a story that could really be something great with some more elbow grease and a lot of beautiful language.

50627 words so far Winner!

For me. It is that I finished. I have a rough draft of a novel in my PC. And I proved that I can in fact write mort that 2000 words a day. If I can do this again next year, I will have a much easier time of it.

I was always kind of scared by my mother's obsession with the 'good scissors.' It implied that somewhere in the house lurked... the evil scissors.

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