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55095 words so far Winner!

Note: We have an archive of 2010-2011 posts in our region (for those who introduced themselves and want to copy/paste their entry in this thread).

I'm Tim aka NewMexicoKid. With Katherine (KatherineWriting) and Dave (TRRDEDEAN), I am one of your volunteer co-Municipal Liaisons. We're here to answer questions, set up local events and cheer you on to victory. I first NaNo'd in 2003 after hearing about NaNoWriMo just three days before November 1st that year. I've successfully completed the 50,000+ goal each year; and I hope to continue this streak. My first year as co-ML was 2005.

I typically write fantasy (I tried SF one year, but found it too much work to try to do research and writing in November). My this year's novel is a story about an orphaned Faerie princess who was brought up as a rat in our world and who must discover her true identity in time to save her extended family and her people in Faerie (still working out the full plot). I like to use XMind in my plot preparation; and I strongly recommend Writing for Emotional Impact, by Karl Iglesias (also see the list of book recommendations on our wiki).

I helped design the original wcapi (word count API) for NaNoWriMo (working closely with Russ/firebus) and I designed and maintain wordcount graphs for our region that have been pretty popular/helpful motivators.

I am part of the Journey, our year-round writing group that is currently working to wrap up two short story anthologies (nanomail me for details if you're interested in joining us for next year); and I enjoy drawing, reading SF and Fantasy, tennis (in the good weather) and volleyball.

We have four preparatory events coming up in October--watch for the RSVP posts to come; and there will also be a fun kick-off party and pot-luck lunch at the end of October.

Ruth Ann Nelson
50049 words so far Winner!

Hi! I'm Ruth Ann, attempting my first non-science fiction novel. This is my third time out. I was successful the first year, but fell too far behind to catch up last year. Word to the wise newbies, try to make those daily word count goals! This year I am finishing up a remodeling project while writing so as long as I can find the computer I should be successful. I am looking forward to the write-ins and the word wars. See you all there!

Me - n - Jesus
29791 words so far

Greetings. I'm Bonnie, a lifelong Napervillian recently relocated to Aurora. This is my first NaNo. I'm really not sure how this will go as I'll be out of the country for the first 13 days of the month. I actually leave on the 31st.

As I look through this site, I'm the only one that I see doing a biography. Actually, it's an auto-biography. As a committed Christian, I have been told many times that I need to get my story, my testimony, down on paper. That's why my working title is "Testimonies." God did so many amazing things in my life as He chased me, calling for me to come to Him. So, this is my chance. A time to just sit down and do it. I envision it as sort of a Chicken Soup for the Soul type format, with a whole bunch of short stories strung together.

I believe my time out of the country will end up yielding more material as I'll be on a two week mission trip to India. I'm joining 5 others to present a Life in the Spirit Seminar to pastor's conferences in 2 different cities in India. I'm stepping out in faith, but way out of my comfort zone as I go to teach to pastors who have much more time in relationship with God than I. It will be an exciting time, and one which, as I said, will ultimately yield more material.

I'm hoping to make it to the kick off, and perhaps a write in or two after I get back. Blessings to all.

Me - n - Jesus
29791 words so far

As I've read more on the site, I realize that I'm a rebel, but I'm okay with that. This is still going to be a way of getting my story down and "being accountable" to someone.

pink ink 12
34671 words so far

Hi, I'm Sharon and I live in Naperville. I never expected to write a novel, but I have a story that is just jumping out of my head. I had never heard of NaNo until a few weeks ago, and I was able to attend the very helpful prep sessions. I look forward to the write-in's - I will be the one with the pink laptop!


Hi! I'm Bridget. This is my first Nano and first attempt at writing anything of this size. It' s nice to see some other rebels out there. My goal is a non-fiction. It's something I have wanted to do for a while and when I found Nano couldn't think of a reason no too. :)

50223 words so far Winner!

You will find that what you learn writing fiction carries over to writing non fiction. I've just finished a history book. and I found the fiction writing manuals very helpful in keeping the story moving ahead and holding the reader's interest.


Hi all, I'm Annie, an online library science student living in Naperville. This is my first attempt at nanowrimo, and at anything of this length, so I'm not sure how this'll go. I'm hoping to write a piece of fiction inspired by the old Illinois State Industrial School for Girls and the baby cemetary. it might include time travel... 50,000 words seems like a LOT. I usually write short poetry, and grad school will come first. what are write ins?

55095 words so far Winner!

anivay wrote: what are write ins?

Write-ins are local events where people bring the laptops (occasionally, people show up with pens and paper) and they work on their story for some or all of the three hours. We have occasional word wars (13 or 17 minute timed sprints with small prizes) to encourage people to write a bunch on their stories. Some people bring snacks and treats to share. There is a little small talk; but mostly we write.

We might also schedule a meetup (perhaps a lunch or dinner) during the month; Katherine used to have a snack-time at Rock Bottom Brewery after write-ins in Warrenville.

50,000 words seems like a lot; but 2000 words a day is definitely doable!

50580 words so far Winner!

Hello. I'm Diane. This is my second NaNo, however it will be my first time joining the Naperville region. Last year I was in DeKalb and had a wonderful time, but Naperville is much closer to my home in Wheaton. This year I will be writing a companion novel to last year's using a secondary character. I really don't have much of a plot yet or even an outline. It worked out well last year to just have some characters in mind. I would call the genre adventure/thriller. See you at the write-ins!

1836 words so far

Hello Everyone! My name is Douglas this is my first time attempting to right a novel however it has been a dream of mine for many years. Currently I am also in graduate school working towards becoming a Chiropractor which means I will be busy beyond belief but I am up for the challenge. The write-ins and word wars sound like a lot of fun and I am going to try and attend as many as I can. Good luck to you all and I look forward to meeting as many of my fellow 30-day novelists as possible.

50078 words so far Winner!

I'm Bonnie, and I'm in the Western Springs/LaGrange, IL area and I wanted to make at least 1 real write-in this year but it kinda has to be in LaGrange on a weekend because I work 5 days a week and I have transportation problems. If anyone has any ideas or could meet for an unofficial write-in I would enjoy the experience.

10796 words so far

Hey Y'all. I'm Phyll, Aka Max. I'm actually coming to you from nearby Downers Grove, but I'm naperville so much I feel like I live there. This is my second year doing NaNo, and my first year diving into the vast and terrifying genre known as fantasy. With me luck, and make sure to tug on my liferope once and a while, I might get lost!

47513 words so far

Hello Everyone!

My name is Vivian and I am a 28 year old Naperville Wife and Mother.
I have written several novels, and short stories but none in a time frame as intense as Nano. I usually write horror/supernatural fiction but my husband challenged me to come completely out of my element and write something different. This year I will try a romantic comedy for my nano novel.
I attempted nano in 2007 but I essentially tripped at the finish line. This is my chance to redeem myself!

I hope to see you all at some of the functions!

51637 words so far Winner!

Hello All! My name is Pachet (Pa-Shay) and this is my 2nd year attending NaNoWriMo. I am an aspiring writer; normally I write urban supernatural fiction but I have been exploring urban fiction as well. My previous attempts at NaNoWriMo have been unsuccessful and I know that is seriously in part to the fact that I did not believe in myself. I have had a serious fear of rejection since I was a child but now I have come to realize you can't fear what you don't know. My focus is to complete my first novel and then begin the process of editing and possibly self publishing. I reside in Downers Grove, IL....So if you are in that area and would like to have a write in, I am always willing to join. I wish everyone the best of luck. Stay focused and keep writing!

56033 words so far Winner!

Hi my name is Beth and this is my second year doing NaNo. Last year a friend talked me in to participating and apparently I'm hooked!

My goals are three-fold:

1) Average around 2500 words a day (I have some stuff going on later in November, so I'd like to reach 50,000 words a little early.)
2) Finish the novel I started last year (Sleeping Beauty and the Princess and the Pea are sisters. When the entire castle is put under an enchanted sleep, Princess Margot, a chronic insomniac, fails to sleep for more than 20 minutes. She then heads out on a quest to wake her family and save the kingdom.)
3) Acquire at least one Plot Bunny during a word war. (I am a slow typer, so last year I didn't win until the end of the month when Tim realized he had a lot left over and did a word war every 15 minutes until everyone won a plot bunny. And yes, I was the last person to win. But the Bunny is now MINE!)

3295 words so far

My name is Mandi. This is my first attempt at a novel...let the fun begin!

1413 words so far

My name is Ray and I'm attempting my first novel. Period.
And I am so far behind, it's silly. :s

So, yeah.

Hi and stuff. :}

13193 words so far

I am AlansMomWrites in Lemont. This is my second attempt. I exceeded 50,000 words on last years novel, but not before 30Nov.

This years novel is a mystery/suspense/police procedural/romance. At least that is how it is plotted out. It is already taking on a life of its own so well see which aspect wins out. My book is set in a fictionalized Carlyle Lake in southern Illinois and is in part based on my experiences working there.

I hope to see you at some of the write-ins.

50088 words so far Winner!

Please include me in the region graph. My handle is eyewrite and my name is Pat. This is my second Nano and not sure where my novel is taking me this year.

50097 words so far Winner!

Heya, My name is Alan Dupree. I'm participating in NaNoWriMo through my lunch club back at my school. I am an avid writer; I write poems, short stories, and now that I'm in this, a novel. My writing style consists of empowering words, whether it be strength to the character or motivating to ones self. My grammar is highly thought of when writing, due to a demented form of OCD, but we'll not get into that.

One of my writings was actually a Nuzlocke, which is a story while playing the game of Pokemon, making rules and a storyline as you go. You nearly narrate every single detail of what you have played, occasionally throwing in your own pieces to give the story a little livelihood. If you would like to see my work, you can access the GameFaqs website and look under message boards in the DS section under Pokemon Soulsilver. Mine is Hawke375's Nuzlocke.

About my personality, I'm a bit of an oddball, but very straight-forward in my opinions. Though I highly dislike arguing.

Right now for my novel, I'm sitting at 38181 words, and I plan to work harder than ever to get in the word count goal of 50,000. I may have plenty of time, and am ahead of the game by a small margin for schedule, but I have quite a bit to get off onto Yarny, and I'm not about to lose steam.

Glad to be with you all, and hope everyone does their best to achieve their goals! :D

India Powers
4824 words so far

I'm India and this is my first NaNo. I'm working on a Regency paranormal romance. A lot of my friends love NaNo, so I'm participating in an attempt to finish my first manuscript!

51163 words so far Winner!

Hai! I'm a person. This is my second NNWM. Last year, I had written a Sci-Fi/Friendship novel (or at least part of it- I passed 50,000 words and didn't even finish the plot T_T), and I have somehow managed to come back to the genre with a different book (not related to the one I wrote last year).
I'd like to go to a write-in, but I can't, sadly. TT_____TT

51220 words so far Winner!

Hi all. I'm Beth, and i've taken on NaNoWriMo for the first time, after many years of encouragement from several friends.

My personal commitment is to get to the page every day and keep a steady pace to make the 50,000-word goal by month's end. I'm not working on a novel, but building pieces of memoir. A few days I have merely spewed the moment's worries onto the page, clearing my head and then renewing focus on the goal the next day. But for the most part, I'm pleased with the stories I have recalled and put into words.

Now that we're within a week of the 30th, I thought I'd sign in and add my name to the regional graph. Seeing those standings has been inspiring. Thank you to all!

14216 words so far

Hello fellow Nano-ers! My name is Amy, and this is my first year attempting Nanowrimo. I've had an idea for a young adult novel cluttering my brain for quite some time now, so I figured Nano would at least give me the motivation to stop thinking about it and start writing. The beginning of the month was very strong for me. Unfortunately, my internal editor got the better of me (as it so often does), and my pace slowed to a crawl. With just around 14,300 words so far, it looks as though I won't be making it to the winners' circle this month, but mark my words, I'm destined to finish this thing over the next month or so. Plus, there's always next November! :o)


Hi! I'm Nikki, 28, from Naperville. This is my second year doing NaNo. This year I am working on planning ahead! This year's novel is about a little girl who whips herself into a religious frenzy after she tries to kill her older sister. I'm excited to write and to meet you guys at the write-ins, though I can't make the planning sessions because of work. Good luck to everyone!

50179 words so far Winner!

Hi everyone! I'm a newbie, and proud of it! My name is Lauren and I'm doing one of those "rules" and telling as many people as possible about this new adventure in November. I actually just stumbled upon a notice about the Sat. NaNo meeting while looking for the "official" trick-or-treat times (so I don't have dozens of angry kids stomping up and down our front steps on Halloween*).

I was really excited to have discovered this - I feel like it is a whole hidden world of creativity that I had no clue about. I love reading and writing, and this is just the thing I am craving! My mom and I attended the meeting on Sat, and look forward to learning more this weekend. Glad to connect with others in our area. Good luck everyone! Gotta get back to work. Regrettably, my quick mid-afternoon coffee break is coming to an end.

* I still don't have the times for Naperville's Halloween, talk about getting side tracked - haha!!!

54364 words so far Winner!

Hi. I am Tim aka tireddadx3 from Sugar Grove. This will be my fourth NaNoWriMo. I have surpassed 50,000 words and 'won' NaNo each of those three years. I have done very little writing since last November so I am hoping that doing NaNo again will jump start things and get me back into a regular writing habit that I can carry forward (I said the same thing last year, but hope springs eternal).

I work as a Civil Engineer. I have a beautiful, talented, and amazingly supportive wife, a son in third grade and three four year old girls in pre-school. I really hope to get out to more events this year (I have yet to make a kick off or TGIO event) but scheduling can be difficult.

I have not completely nailed down my Novel idea or title for this year. I am thinking about a main character who meets a guy he knew a long time ago and they talk about a life impacting shared experience and then he thinks about where his life is at and what if he had done something different back then. Then he is shifted into a parallel/alternate reality where different choices were made and he has to naviagate through multiple realities to get back home. I have muddled visions of him traveling through multiple parallel universes searching for his true self with some negative/evil force or outcome or character fighting him along the way. First time I have written any of my thoughts out... I see I have a lot of prep work left to do.

Have Fun and Good Luck to Everyone!

22895 words so far

Hey all! My name is Bob and this'll be (?) NaNo!

I'm a mainstream fiction writer who just might try some supernatural aspects this year...we'll see how it goes!

When I'm not writing I'm collecting typewriters. Of course, I'm usually using those to write so...

I'm excited to be typin' away again near dear old Naperville (by way of North Aurora - unless I can find someone to sublease my house then I'll be by way of Aurora!)

160096 words so far Winner!

I'm Katherine, one of the co-MLs. I have found that NaNoWriMo is a great way to get a first draft done, especially if I spend time getting an outline figured out before November 1st, although I've been known to go a bit overboard on that, so I'm still fine-tuning that whole outline thing. This year for a change I worked and reworked a synopsis, mainly because I'm still struggling to come up with a good one for last year's novel.

My novel is about a couple in Door County running a B&B, and their half-French niece and may be titled 'Too Close for Comfort' although I'm still fiddling with the title.

I like to host write-ins at coffee shops, although I don't write much late at night. I'm a morning person.

I have a full-time job, but have saved some vacation days and plan on taking lots of mornings off in November.

Oh, and I actually like revising, so if you'd like to see last year's novel, version 4 or 5 is at My login there is KatWrite.

Roger Lubeck
55055 words so far Winner!

I am Roger Lubeck. This will be my eighth NANOWRIMO. Each year I have written a new 50,000+-word novel. The first three novels were a fantasy / adventure trilogy set in the same medieval world. To the Western Border (Book One) is published and available on Amazon. Two of my other novels were science fiction / military stories. Last year, I wrote Bullseye, a noir novel of murder and suspense. It is my most complete novel and will be available on Amazon this month. Each year, I start with only a scene and a character in mind. Personally, I like the freedom this creates, but I have experienced a few false starts. I edit for spelling, grammar, and continuity every day and I may even do some rewriting, but I never find this hurts my word count and it often makes it easier for me to get started on a new chapter or scene. However, I wait until after NANOWRIMO for any serious rewriting. This year I may write a sequel to Bullseye because I like the dark nature of the main character, but it is still early. Good luck to everyone. Start fast and never look back!

50280 words so far Winner!

Hi! My name is Kate and I am another Newbie! :) I am very excited to do NANOWRIMO. I sometimes have issues completing my writing as I can't turn my internal editor off and I find my self repeatedly editing the same few pages. I am hoping that the time constraints of NANOWRIMO will force me to finish the story without too much worrying about the editing.
I am a little nervous about finishing the word count with a full time job and an attention demanding 6 year old. I'm hoping to attend at least one of the Write-ins to get a break from the distractions at home. I did attend the Prep Session on Saturday and really enjoyed it. I'm planning to go to all three.
I like to write YA fantasy and urban paranormal. My story for this year is about a teenager who finds out her childhood imaginary friend, isn't actually imaginary after all.
Good luck everyone!!

10605 words so far

Hey, I'm Robin. This is my first NaNo, even though I've known about it for years.

My story is about a girl who travels through time using a magical watch that she inherited from her grandmother.
I am going to be very busy in November, so writing 50,000 words will be a challenge because I will have an hour long musical practice every day, I will have piano, I have a school trip for three full days, and my birthday's towards the beginning of the month! And, for adults, that might not seem like a lot, but for a student IT IS.

Good luck everyone and I hope to see you at planning sessions!

Corrupted Flame
50503 words so far Winner!

Hi, I'm Joe AKA The Corrupted Flame. This will be NaNo number nine for me. I'm generally a fantasy writer, though I have ventured into sci-fi and superhero type stories on occasion. Of those 8 other NaNos, I've successfully completed two. (Though one of those two years, I did finish two separate novels.)

I have no idea what I'm writing this year. The only thing that's crossed my mind so far is reimagining one of my stories from a previous NaNo.

Of course, I'll have my work cut out for me, since I'll be out of state for four days this November. And I'm certain while I'm there, I will have no time to write. So here's hoping for the best.

12241 words so far

Hi, I'm Claire! This is my second year doing NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately, I'm a member of this region only in spirit this year, as I've gotten married and relocated to Texas. However, I've met lots of great people here, and hope to keep in touch.

55095 words so far Winner!

Great profile picture, Claire. Congratulations again on your marriage!

For the others, Claire neglected to add that she is the editor for our Journey (year-round writing group) Anthology One project.

159214 words so far Winner!

Gorgeous picture and though I couldn't be at your wedding in person, I was there in spirit. :D I extend my best wishes as I too am a participant in another state but loving this group.

59018 words so far Winner!

Congratulations! And I'm hoping you're enjoying Texas! I know once winter hits, I'm going to be very jealous of you. Also, I love your profile pic. So sweet.

12241 words so far

Thanks everyone!

11166 words so far

Oooh congrats!

29088 words so far

Hi, I'm Melissa! This is my second NaNo, although I'm sad to say that last year was a complete failure due to me being in the middle of a major move during November. I hope that this year will be much more successful!

50361 words so far Winner!

Hey all!

I'm Sarah, age 24, and I'm in Elgin. This will be my third NaNoWriMo, and hopefully my first win! I am, however, rebelling. Memoir time! ;-)

50501 words so far Winner!

Hi all, I'm Debbie, aka Tyrannosaurus Regina, back for the sixth time this year. I've done and won the last five years only with the help of the region's wonderful online tools and support. This year is going to be a challenge since I'm starting a (very) new job and I'll have less time to check in on the forums. As usual, I know I won't be able to make any of the events, but there's always the wordcount graph (*thank you, Tim*). My stories bounce back and forth between action/adventure and sci fi, and this year hopefully the two will integrate successfully with my Star Pirates inspired effort.

Best wishes to all this coming November for success, however you may define it. See you all on the forums.

90823 words so far Winner!

Hi! I'm Ky, and I live in Aurora. This is my second year, but I didn't quite make a 'win' in 2010. I'm a retired biologist working with rescued animals and making art. This year, I'll be writing about a spoiled, rich duchess and her butler's son getting cursed by a necromancer (er, or something like that!). I'll be traveling during the month of November, so I really need some focus to get it done. Hoping to attend some of the group sessions to meet you all!

107092 words so far Winner!

Hi Everyone!
Im Kirsten, known as Larkk in Nanowrimo-land. This will be my third Nano, and I wouldnt miss this for anything.
I have a story that has been stewing and bubbling since this summer that I am itching to start writing. Those eighteen days until November 1 cant go by fast enough! Of course, I will try to do a bit more planning than I have in the past years, but either way, I am so ready to lose myself in the whirlwind of words that is Nanowrimo.

The story is something of an epic fantasy with a bit of sci-fi thrown in, kind of like what might happen if you crossed a bulldozer with a t-rex, and the hero main character has been pestering me of late to just start writing already.

I cant wait to see everyone at the write-ins. Ive still got the purple MacBook and the music addiction, so Ill probably have headphones on, but I'm always happy to talk writing or take a cookie break.

159214 words so far Winner!

Hello, hello, dahhhlings!

I'm Heather, sometimes known as AmaranthMuse or the inscrutably fine handwriting spilling across a nametag in front of my laptop with the distinctive golden Japanese woodblock print cover. (Could I string any more adjectives together? You bet!) During the month of November, I become a regular fixture in Caribou coffeehouses and isolated in my own little fantastic world except when plot bunnies and word wars rear their head. This will be my third (!) year of active participation with the NaNo group, though the siren song of writing has called me since I was small and this particular wondrous adventure on and off for several years. I also belong to our year-round writing group, The Journey.

You might know me as the girl typing at a blazing(ly loud) speed to Schubert or Liszt, the brunette who kept offering spices and herbs as prizes last year at the Caribou write-ins, or not at all and wondering why I'm only sporadically showing up. I've since moved to Michigan to start a new job but I am committed to participating, starting with a presentation this weekend (eep!) and hopefully making some appearances throughout November as my schedule, progress, and weather allow. I'll definitely be there at the end of the NaNo party, though! :D <3

50268 words so far Winner!


I am askeladd, hailing also from Elgin ~ This is my third attempt at NaNo; previous times I was unable to complete, although at least last year I managed to get farther in word count than in my first year.

I've had a basic idea for my novel since early summer, but I haven't had time to flesh things out as much as I'd like prior to Nov. 1. My story is about a black sheep in a family, and the events leading up to the estrangement. For the format of the novel, I plan to start each chapter off with a pair of letters exchanged between two sisters, and the remainder of the chapter will bring the letters to life, so to speak.

59018 words so far Winner!

Hey, everyone! I'm Melissa and this will be my third nanowrimo and should also be my third win. I had planned on writing this one story I've been trying to figure out for a few years for nano, but this summer a new story idea hit me and while it's not the most original idea in the world (nothing ever is), I'm super excited to write it!

My story is about a teen who's siblings disappeared through a magic portal 12 years ago leaving him behind in foster care. Now they came back for him because they need his help in taking down an evil queen in their world, but he gets seperated from them after traveling to their world and when he meets the so called evil queen, she doesn't seem all that evil and so the teen has to decide which side to be on, the queen's or his family's.

87790 words so far Winner!

Hello, all!

I'm Squiddish, or Katherine, and I live way out in the boonies. Also known as Sugar Grove. I've excited to be back in the game this year and hopefully make it in to some write-ins and all that fun stuff, despite having quite the hectic schedule. (Writing not included.)

I've only 'officially' done NaNo once, and won with 25 words over the bar and like... three hours to go. When I did it the following year, I didn't put any effort at all into it and rather, just kind of forgot about it. But this year will be different. I plan on cranking this baby out because it's a story I've had in mind for a long time and I absolutely love the characters to death.

For my novel, the characters and their stories unfold as they're each faced with a difficult decision and one inescapable question with horrible consequences either way: life or death?

The novel's going to touch on several issues through these two, including fear, control, fate vs free will, and nature vs. nurture... I plan on putting my characters each in their own little room--for one, a hospital waiting room. The other, tied to a chair in pitch darkness. And seeing where it goes from there... it should be interesting, since I've never attempted something quite like this before, always opting for... you know... options with scenery and things of that nature. But it should be really interesting and i'm excited to get started. Just me, the characters, and a whole lot of inner conflict to work out.

I look forward to meeting you guys through the write-ins... some of you I already know, but that's alright. ;D Even if you don't know me.... I know you...

Buh-byeee.... mwhahaaha....

No, no. I kid.

Most of the time.

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