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55095 words so far Winner!

Welcome to Naperville, the rough geographic center of this patch of the western suburbs of Chicago that includes many surrounds suburbs.

KatherineWriting, TRRDEDEAN and I (NewMexicoKid) are your co-Municipal Liaisons, volunteers who somehow enjoy making your NaNoWriMo experience an enjoyable and (hopefully) a successful one.

Local Events
We have a full slate of November write-ins (plus a pot-luck lunch kick-off extravaganza), a few nice goodies to hand out (at our events). Write-in locations are throughout the area, and people can arrange more. Let us (the Municipal Liaisons) know and we'll include them on the calendar and the above file.
See the maps to all of our event locations.

Be sure to Home to Illinois::Naperville

  • In the top navigation menu, hover over NaNo Near You

  • Click Find Your Region

  • If USA :: Illinois :: Naperville doesn't show on the page, type "naperville" into the Filter regions by name:textbox

  • Otherwise, if USA :: Illinois :: Naperville is listed as a region closest to you or as an other region, click Join. Reload the page.

  • Once USA :: Illinois :: Naperville is listed as one of your regions, set it as your home region by clicking the house icon.

Now you're set. Naperville is your home region. Remember, you can join as many regions as you'd like, but can only have one home region (thanks to shmoo for her Loveland tutorial on setting a region).

Join the Journey
The Journey is Naperville's year-round writing group.

You're welcome to visit our NaperWriMo websites:
Please let us know if you have any questions!

Index to regional threads (last updated 11/22/2011)

55095 words so far Winner!

Hello, Illinois::Naperville affiliates and homed participants!

Just one day and some hours remain until the start of this 2011 NaNoWriMo (Eek! I don't have all my scenes plotted!). You can start writing just after midnight November 1st.

Whether you are a "plotter" or a "pantser" (someone who writes by the seat of their pants), the time of reckoning is drawing closer minute by minute. What will Tuesday (November 1st) bring? Will we be creative? Will we be rich? Here's what you need to know... Que sera, sera...!

One thing that November will bring is a whole slate of write-in events. See event logistics and details. Note that the cute plot bunnies (and other plot critters) will be available as word war prizes at the Sunday write-ins and any other of the write-ins I attend. Katherine will be offering one nice blank journal at each of the write-ins that she is hosting. The Carol Stream Public Library has some prizes for their Saturday write-in (Katherine is hosting); and I will be attending the one Catherine (Cee-Bee) is hosting on that same Saturday in Woodridge. Dave, Katherine and I will also have our limited supply of official NaNoWriMo stickers for those who didn't get theirs at the kick-off party.

Katherine is hosting the first few write-ins at Caribou Coffee (11/2 and 11/4).

I've created a new tool to make it easier for folks to browse the introductions in the Introduce Yourself thread (see below for the link to that thread). See

As of today (November 30th), the wcapi (wordcount API) has not yet been released. I am attempting to put together some backup tool for doing our regional word count graph (just in case); hopefully we will be able to offer that again this year.

See this thread

Communications from the MLs
Just as we did last year, we three co-Municipal Liaisons are planning to send out regional announcements and encouragements twice per week (likely once on Monday or Tuesday; and once on Friday). We definitely do not want to annoy folks with too-frequent e-mail notifications, so we also will be posting in our regional forum (; do stop by regularly to stay up-to-date.

Communications to the MLs
Need to contact us? You can send NaNomail to NewMexicoKid, KatherineWriting or TRRDEDEAN; or you can use our contact form

I am Tim Yao aka NewMexicoKid, one of your three volunteer co-ML's. My co-Municipal Liaisons are Katherine Lato (aka KatherineWriting) and Dave Dean (aka TRRDEDEAN). We are here to help you succeed in your novel writing for NaNoWriMo. Feel free to NaNoMail us any questions you have; or you can post your questions, ideas and things you want to share in our regional forum:

Set your novel info and author info
I know at least a few of you have not yet populated your author info (edit author info) or your novel info (menu item available under My NaNoWriMo). Although I don't believe that these are required, I think you need to have a novel created in order to access the wordcount functionality for your novel (where you can keep track of your novel's wordcount online) and you need to have your author info established so that others can visit your profile.

Notes from the prep workshops!
I've posted the links to the notes and slides from each of these very nice workshops. See the regional thread. Many thanks to Tom Ostler, Heather Jones and Crystal Blount for taking the time to put together and share such valuable information with all of us!

Introduce yourselves
Part of what makes NaNoWriMo so fun and effective is the strong sense of community that can provide support to help you make it to your 50,000+ word goal. The community works best if it knows who you are! So come post a brief intro of yourself in our Introduce Yourselves! thread

Come visit our website!
We have a blog, a wiki and many resources available at

You can find our cafepress store here as well:

Join us in our jabber chatroom
NaNoMail me if you would like a jabber account or if you need help setting up your jabber access. You can also use your google or gmail account to access the jabber chatroom. We will use this in November for virtual write-ins. See our jabber page.

Katherine is also going to try google+ hangouts.

General Info
There is a post with general information and links at the top of our regional forum

Other events
See our events list-- we have write-ins at various locations and on various days in November. These are also in our google calendar and displayed in our regional forum.

160096 words so far Winner!

We do have a Facebook account, although we're not likely to use it much unless the main site is down:

Also, I have a NaNo circle on Google +. I'm Katherine Lato there, so if you have an account, send me a note and I'll include you and then if hanging out works, we can try that, or Google IM might also work. If you don't know what Google+ is, don't worry about it.

And we have a Twitter account -- NaperWriMo.
Again, we won't use it much unless the main site is having problems. But you might want to note them now just in case.

55095 words so far Winner!

This is an article reposted from our blog.

A whole host of new plot critters await the winners of the word wars at write-ins on Saturday and Sunday this weekend (note: the squid is already promised to Squiddish, who charmed everyone at the kick-off with her great Halloween costume (Ragedy Ann).
Don't know what to bring to a write-in? We have a thread for that (yes, come visit our regional forum for lots of useful information and as a way to become part of the extended family that is NaperWriMo).
But what are write-ins for?
They are for people to come to with their laptops and notebooks to work on their stories in a communal setting. There is a little small talk, but the main focus is to get words on paper. We have some fun word wars (with small prizes) to help motivate folks.
It's too far away :-(
Have difficulty coming out to our write-in events? You can host your own (see the thread for details) and let us and others know where, when you are writing. You can also use our jabber chat room for virtual write-ins. We even have a helpful jabber bot named word_war that you can use to time the word wars. Just type: word_war help. Let me know if you need a jabber account.
I want to see more of those plot critters
Ah, I thought you would never ask! The first image above is hyperlinked to the picasa gallery, but here are a few images:

See you at the write-ins!
Wait! Where are the write-ins and when do they begin?
You can find them on our events page and on our google calendar.

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