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2012 NaNoWriMo Planning

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160096 words so far Winner!

Welcome to NaNoWriMo for 2012.

First off-- the forums get wiped (end of September, beginning of October), which means that all the information is cleared out.
So, most of the information here is from last year. We can write new posts, they just won't be around after the old information is wiped.

Which is why we keep information about planning at:

I listed the link here for people who may be new to the region, or new to NaNoWriMo, or who forgot where we keep the information. There are 3 planning sessions scheduled in October. Each one is different. There's also a kick-off party, and we've started to schedule write-ins for November. You don't have to attend a planning session, the kick-off party, or a write-in, but many people find them useful and fun.


160096 words so far Winner!

After loading up my Kindle with dozens of free ebooks on writing, I've been sampling some, and actually reading a few.
"Writing Your Way:" By Julie Smith has some great ideas and three rules "Start it. Put your heart in it; Part with it."
She also suggests rereading 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' by Mark Twain.

This is one of the reasons why I love 'starting' my NaNoWriMo planning early. I have time to go read Mark Twain.

55095 words so far Winner!

Thanks for starting this thread, Katherine!

I've actually begun planning my 2012 NaNo Novel; and I (re) found a nifty fantasy name generator. The advanced mode is *very* powerful, allowing one to set up some basic rules/templates for the kinds of names you want to generate.

E.g., a template of (mh|kh|gh)v(n|m|r)(ae)
generates names like:
Zhakhorae Phekhyrae Yoghonae Romhumae Eakhomae Stikhymae Brughyrae
Iaghumae Brimhymae Ikhurae Chemhurae Aighumae Eymhimae Eekhonae
Bakhymae Eumherae Vyghymae Ikhorae Ooghurae Eymhorae Neghonae
Oikhurae Iekhamae Ooghamae Smighurae Highonae Tokhirae Iegherae
Imhimae Umhenae Tykharae

There is a written set of instructions with some examples.

160096 words so far Winner!

I heard a good podcast from 'Writing Excuses' on How to Start the Next One.

Worth a listen if you're not sure where to start for 2012, or even if you have a good idea.

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