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Caribou by Dominick's Gathering on Tuesdays

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160096 words so far Winner!

1/4/2012 update:
This will be monthly -- the third Tuesday of each month.
And there will be a monthly one at the Caribou in Wheaton (by the railroad tracks) -- the fourth Monday of each month.
The focus will be on editing novels, with the opportunity to read the beginning paragraph of several chapters or scenes and get feedback and revise, if people are interested.
End 1/4/2012 update

I'm organizing a gathering at the Naperville Caribou on Tuesdays to focus on editing.

I was also thinking of having an optional getting together at Rock Bottom for dinner. (Either a full meal or a pizza in the bar area where it is cheap from 4-6.) This will happen occasionally, but not every week. So if you're interested, keep an eye on the calendar or events page.

The majority seemed to want to start at 7, but you can still vote. (Could also set up another night for people who can't make Tuesday. If you can't make Tuesdays, but like this Caribou, please write in what days/times you can make in the poll.)

Please respond to this doodle poll (include your handle and/or name).

Please note that I am a fair weather driver. So if it is snowing heavily, or snow/ice combination, I will stay home and host a jabber chat (or gmail IM chat or Google+ Hangout) that people can attend remotely.

160096 words so far Winner!

First one is 1/3/11 7-9 pm. (No dinner this week.)

Let's start January off as we mean to go on--and get some editing done!
Please let me know if you think you'll make it (by replying to this thread.)

Note: I'm a fair weather driver, so if it's snowing heavily, or snow/ice likely, I'll be staying home--and doing a jabber chat instead, also focused on editing.

56147 words so far Winner!

I'll try to make it to this one. Work might make it difficult though.

160096 words so far Winner!

We had four people -- Lloyd, Beth, Brian and myself on January 3rd. We did some talking, some editing, some writing.

I have another commitment next week, and think this may work better once a month at this location. Plus some people can't do Tuesdays.

So, I've scheduled in google calendar and at:
to host this monthly--third Tuesday of each month at the Caribou near Dominick's. (I also scheduled another one on the fourth Monday of each month at the Caribou in Wheaton near the railroad tracks.)
I made them 7 - 8:30 pm, although people can stay later if they'd like.

So that means the next one at the Caribou near Dominick's in Naperville will be January 17th. (People can arrange to meet other times if they'd like. Let me know and I'll post it in the calendar.)

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