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Word Count - A Tim Question

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114217 words so far Winner!

Is there anyway of setting up a continuation of word counts .... I am finding that post Nano the lack of competition has severely hampered my will to find time to write..... I am posting this on forum to see if others feel the same.


55095 words so far Winner!

I am working on that (or, more accurately, I've started to put requirements together and hope to code up something we can use over the holidays).

114217 words so far Winner!

You're Awesome :)

159214 words so far Winner!

I am ALL over this. :D

50495 words so far Winner!

This would be insanely helpful during non-Nano times!

60013 words so far Winner!

I would also like this. I've been keeping track on Excel, but it's not the same without someone else to see them and hold me accountable.

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