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Pictures (and video) from the TGIO!

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From our blog:

December 3rd was the date of the wonderful TGIO celebration. We started off with two ice breakers devised by co-ML Katherine (KatherineWriting). The second of these was to write a 100 words (or less) short short story from the perspective of a plot critter. Her tale went like this:

KatherineWriting wrote:
Soft. Crowded, but soft, lots of sleep.
Daylight. Room to breathe. Ouch! That's hot.
I can see!
Wait, is that a hot glue gun? Ouch! That really, really hurts.
I don't need a tail. Ouch.
Okay, the tail is kinda cute, but really, I'm done now. Don't come near me with that ouch!
Noise. Lots of murmuring from the supplies cupboard. Come on, critters. We can disable that glue gun. On the count ofwhat do you mean we wouldn't exist without it?
I didn't think of that.
Creativity can be painful.

The efforts of Paula (catatone1), Melissa (ziplizard), Gabi (LemonFairy), and Joe (Corrupted Flame) from the TGIO:

I felt ignored all month long.

There was a lot of camaraderie and chit chat; here are Ky (scrapacat) and Katherine (Squiddish):

I believe Carly (thePiratess) won the first raffle and chose the book that Carol (CJGEV) donated (and I selected): Writing for Emotional Impact. Also raffled off: another Chris-Baty-signed poster (worth $100), several of our own region-signed posters, a pair of blank journals and a special set of knitted fingerless gloves and a scarf made and donated by Paula (catatone1). The last one, won by Becky, is here modeled by Paula:

We sang our regional song and paid off our debt to Maryland (who defeated us in this year's word war by 2000 words per wrimo) and we had an excellent discussion about the Journey.

There are many folks who are interested in Katherine's (KatherineWriting) proposed Editing/Rewriting/Publishing track; Julie (J.A.Kosse) has kindly offered to lead one or two sessions on the lessons she's learned about getting an agent. Roger (Roger Lubeck) and several others volunteered to be Editors of short story anthologies (should we need any). And many of those present expressed great interest in doing another short story anthology.

The Journey is a cafeteria-style writing group. People can propose different tracks and champion them; participation is just limited to those who vote with their feet.

There actually was interest in doing a writer's retreat. We'll have to see how that goes this year.

114217 words so far Winner!

Does anyone else notice the Maryland tune is "Keep The Red Flag Flying!!!!" I see a communist plot here!!!!

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