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Plot critter 100 word stories

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160096 words so far Winner!

This was an event at the TGIO, but anyone can do it now. The objective is to write a 100 word story (or less) about NaNoWriMo from your plot critter's perspective.

160096 words so far Winner!

Plot Critters
by: Katherine Lato

Soft. Crowded, but soft, lots of sleep.
Daylight. Room to breathe. Ouch! That's hot.
I can see!
Wait, is that a hot glue gun? Ouch! That really, really hurts.
I don't need a tail. Ouch.
Okay, the tail is kinda cute, but really, I'm done now. Don't come near me with thatouch!
Noise. Lots of murmuring from the supplies cupboard. Come on, critters. We can disable that glue gun. On the count ofwhat do you mean we wouldn't exist without it?
I didn't think of that.
Creativity can be painful.

11929 words so far

Allie and I made some plot critters last night, and we always tried to put the eyes on last to ensure they didn't have a lot of inflicted pain on them. We figured once the eyes were on they would feel worse because they saw where they were glued ^^;

11929 words so far

(Point of view, Critter.)
Yes, November 1st. Time to start Nano for the first time not only for me, but for my owner.
(10 minutes later)
Why did she stop typing. She's staring at me blankly and rubs her head. She just got up and walked out of the room. I can hear the loud creak of the stairs, she's probably going to a the kitchen. Such a talented writer, she's probably taking a break after her amazing 1,667 words.
(Wobbles over to look at screen)
(5 minutes later)
Oh good, she just got come tea, now back to writ- No, BAD, no T.V. for you! Back to typing
(1.5 hours later)
2000 words FINALLY. Only (counts on "fingers")... 48000 words to go -.-;;
This is going to be a longgg month....

Corrupted Flame
50503 words so far Winner!

The efforts of Paula/catatone1, Melissa/ziplizard, Gabi (don't remember her handle if it's different than her name; sorry, Gabi!), and I from the TGIO. We instead opted for the 6-word story challenge:

I felt ignored all month long.

90823 words so far Winner!

We plot.
We ensnare.
We trip and catch, anywhere.
We flip the latch on a digital lair.
We will overrun this house.
We are bunnies, not sad mouse.
You won us, but we're not through.
We will net a Cabana Boy for NaNo, too.

160096 words so far Winner!

scrapacat wrote:

We will net a Cabana Boy for NaNo, too.


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