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Plot critter wins -- how many did you have? And which ones?

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55095 words so far Winner!

Just out of curiosity, how many plot critters did you win, which ones did you win and who did you win them from?

Also, what other word war prizes did you win?

I'm greatly curious! Pictures are optional but appreciated.


114217 words so far Winner!

1 from Katherine for managing to complete a Word War without going on Internet to read Forum Posts *blush*


60013 words so far Winner!

I have 2, both of them from you, Tim.
The first I won is a green plot whale (Douglas):

The second is a plot pig (Oscar):

And you owe me a third one, so soon I will have a small plot menagerie!

Corrupted Flame
50503 words so far Winner!

I got a few! I got an orange plot bunny, an orange plot cyclops blob thing, a yellow fishworm, and a green dragon. I won them all from Tim! I also won a 72% cacao piece of dark chocolate. Mmm. Also from Tim.

Though I did make a pink, green, red, purple, and orange spider at the kick-off (that became William Shatner at the TGIO).

Here's a picture of the spider, cyclops, bunny, and fishworm:

The dragon is sitting on the television stand, so I didn't get it in the picture. (though some Hello Kitty Pez Dispensers that Becky bought for me for Valentine's Day and some fairies are in the picture)

61776 words so far Winner!

I won a plot chicken and a demented cat from Katherine, and a plot crab from Tim. :D

61776 words so far Winner!

And soon I will have my sparkly pirate plot parrot for getting my 18k!

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