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61776 words so far Winner!

I love reading everybody's favorite lines, so post them here! Mine so far is:

Quote:Holden grasped his hand and pulled himself to his feet. But when Jack moved to pull his hand away, Holden held it fast.

We cant just pretend we didnt see this, he said.

Jack nodded. I know. But right now Right now, we need to give the Bensons some hope.

114217 words so far Winner!

Conversation on top of the Hancock Building Chicago....

" Change your mind Mark, stay with me.

Goodbye Artemis. I hope you find happiness I truly do. I said softly.

She reached up and kissed me on the cheek, a final gift my love. She said softly and I turned away so she could not see the tears in my eyes. When I looked back she was gone.

I looked across the city and then down at the asphalt roof, You coulda put me on the ground first. I said to myself. "

38270 words so far

Gave me a smile.

J.A. Kosse
136308 words so far Winner!

Michael watched Harper vanish around the corner with his guard. That guy freaks me out so much.

Why? I asked, walking back in the direction of my cell with him. His gun was pointed at me, of course, but I barely noticed it.

Ive heard some stories about him. Hes crazy, apparently. I know a guy who works in the retirement corridor and hed requested some paint, right? I heard he painted a window on his cell wall and spends most of his time staring out of it. Hed even tell you what hes looking at, and it changes every day. Michael shuddered. Its just so damn strange. Like, he always sees buses passing at the same time every day.

160096 words so far Winner!

J.A. Kosse wrote:
I heard he painted a window on his cell wall and spends most of his time staring out of it. Hed even tell you what hes looking at, and it changes every day. Michael shuddered. Its just so damn strange. Like, he always sees buses passing at the same time every day.

This has stuck with me ever since I read it last night. Very intriguing.

61776 words so far Winner!

I'm with Katherine on this one. It's so creepy. I'm so intrigued. XD

87790 words so far Winner!

I'm keeping my favourite line short, or I'd likely just copy the whole paragraph. And since my paragraphs are obnoxiously long throughout my novel, I'll spare you all from having to read it.

" Shoot now and ask questions later was a good strategy eighty-five percent of the time. The other fifteen percent of the time was when the use of well placed bull shit came in handy. "

114217 words so far Winner!

OK that goes down as my favorite line of this years Nano so far :)

87790 words so far Winner!

Whoo! Thanks. Haha, I made several of my friends laugh with it, so I thought "HEY! It MUST be good!"

160096 words so far Winner!

If Jean was here, she'd know how to keep a man's attention. That was something her sister was very good at and it looked like she was teaching her daughter those skills. Val wondered if it was too late to learn them herself.

When her husband held up the mousetrap with a mouse caught in it, she turned away. Throw them both away.

50126 words so far Winner!

This exchange amuses me a good deal, if I do say so myself...

Quote:Yoyo dropped her advanced chem book with a thunk onto the pile in my locker. "So you're telling me that while you and I change into our glamorous Summit High gym shorts, Trin's doctor is all up in her muffin with what, like, a melon-baller just scooping up babies?"

"Well, not babies yet. Just the eggs for them." I smoothed my gym shirt over my hips and swept my hair down my back. "And they're sucked out with a big needle. But yes, she's probably been knocked out by now." And she said she would be fine. So she will. That's Trin.

Yo cinched the waist cord of her shorts and tied it tight. "There would not be enough tranquilizers in the world to knock me out if I knew some doc was gonna come at my hey diddle diddle with a gigantic needle. I hope they knock her out good."

107092 words so far Winner!

Cerule pulled the mirror back underneath her hands, holding them over it as if keeping something precious beneath them. You should be proud of what you did. I only made the outside a clearer reflection of the inside.
When she pushed her lower lip into a pout he could barely stand to look at her. Why did the woman who saved his life have to be so pretty?

50919 words so far Winner!

Just a passing line of detail, but so far, my favorite combination of words I've managed to string together.

"The cat closed its enormous eyes, and once again was reduced to an indecipherable lump of fluffy."

38270 words so far


61776 words so far Winner!

Ooh, I have a new favorite line. XD

Quote:The only other possibility that he could come up with, despite hours and hours of wracking his brain for ideas, was that the Immune had taken her. The pieces seemed to fit, but Holden didnt understand the picture they made. What use could the Immune have for a sick little girl?

50000 words so far Winner!

Without going back and rereading (cause I can't remember half the crap I've written!) I think this is my favorite so far.

Quote:The night was tense and miserable for them all, except for Qala Chari, who seemed unconcerned with Miwa's disappearance. Her saw-toothed snores overrode even the howl of the sandstorm outside, and filled the tent like a bad aroma.

61776 words so far Winner!

Ooh, love it!

29088 words so far

I was a bit sleep-deprived when I wrote this one, but it makes me chuckle.

"After all, nothing said 'thanks for saving my life' like a big basket of fruit."

87790 words so far Winner!

That's how I'd say thanks. xD

225000 words so far Winner!

This is my favorite lines so far:
It was one of the most serious parts ever of my whole entire book, but the main's character (Rachel) Appeared to lighten it all up with her great logic:
.I glared at him with true anger in my eyes, "Hey! That was so uncalled for, Luke!"
He shrugged and gave me this goofy smile, "Hay is for horses!"
Suddenly, Rachel appeared in-between the two of us, "And cattle!" She chirped happily, flashing the two of us a huge grin. "Don't forget the cattle!"

11166 words so far

Well. I don't actually remember anything I've written this year but last year my favorite line was when my characters were to open a book and read some thing and it went something like:

"They slowly opened the book and read SOMETHING TOTALLY EPIC"

Because I couldn't think of anything. It's in the published book too and cracks me up.

12241 words so far

It was these eyes that made her catch her breath. They were clear, and had a depth one rarely sees.

What's funny is the "her" in question is the character who's quickly becoming my main protagonist (Who's 150/less than a week old, but looks and acts 15. Long story.). And the eyes? Well they belong to the big bad--only she doesn't know it yet.

35324 words so far

He wandered over to the restroom. Destroying the ambiance of this being a real outdoor retreat, the park district had built the shack housing two unisex bathrooms and a vending machine. All in the name of discouraging people from urinating on the trees.

Kevin tried the door. Both were locked. He proceeded to find a suitable tree to relieve himself on.

61776 words so far Winner!

I feel like I have a new favorite line at least twice a day. But I really love this one.

Quote:Holden couldnt seem to assuage the feeling of guilt slowly creeping into his gut. It felt wrong to laugh and have fun when Olive was still missing.

50113 words so far Winner!

I am TERRIBLE at choosing a favorite ANYTHING... So I have two favorite lines so far. (And believe me, narrowing it down to two was NOT EASY. I like my writing too much.)

First, my favorite line of dialogue:

Old Rafferty spread his hand atop King Winford's bandaged head. "All of life comes from the earth, and to the earth it must return," he said huskily. "May the earth take you peacefully, Great King Winford. May your memory forever be told with joy."

And then my favorite line of... erm... not-dialogue:

They walked in silence for quite some time, taking in the sights and scents of the flowers, trees, herbs, and bushes that filled the gardens. Nia tried to enjoy it, to take strength and comfort in the beauty all around them, as Delma had suggested, but the decision she had to make weighed on her shoulders, and her heart felt as heavy as a wagon full of stone.

50043 words so far Winner!

Miranda was barely conscious, but she still asked, Who do I have to thank for the rescue?
The woman with the canteen pulled off her goggles and hood. Who do you think, silly? Its me.
All of the helicopter crew members took off their hoods, and they were all Miranda.

107092 words so far Winner!

I didn't see this until now. That is a great little twist, and I want to read more!

Jaded Block
50002 words so far Winner!

The line that got the biggest laugh amongst my supporters so far:

"My heart skipped a beat as I recommended the meatloaf."

44785 words so far

That must be some awesome meatloaf. ;)

Jaded Block
50002 words so far Winner!

The exact response most of my friends gave.

...And now I want meatloaf!

Of course, this exchange comes later (in the same restaurant, none the less!):

' So, what's good here?
She smiled weakly, I understand the meatloaf isn't terrible.
There's a ringing endorsement. So long as it's hot, I guess.'

J.A. Kosse
136308 words so far Winner!

Another favorite part. Main characters are bickering.

Siris glanced at me, then back toward Gabriel. "Both incubi and succubi are nothing like the legends modeled after them. We're more creatures of the night, if anything. And I assume our flesh desire is similar to any other creature's."

"Flesh desire," Gabriel said with a snort.

"I'm sorry if my poetic phrasing confuses you," Siris said. "I'll use simpler words."

"How condescending. You must be compensating for the smaller wings," Gabriel hissed.

61776 words so far Winner!

Okay, that's awesome. XD

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